Learn the EXACT methods I used to grow my InstagramTM to over 240K in LESS THAN A YEAR

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I MASSIVELY increased the exposure of my page with just a few hours a week

I have a constant supply of new and engaged followers without paying for ads or funnels

I attract a targeted audience that loves my content, engages with my page immediately and trusts me enough to buy from me INSTANTLY


Jackie Sanchez

Health Coach

“Working with Ortal has helped me realize that my captions were good but they weren’t getting me clients or attracting the attention I wanted.

After a handful of sessions and really getting my message and captions down, my inquiries for coaching clients sky rocketed. I hired Ortal because I knew that she would be able to take my business to the next level and she did!”

Genelle Kraner

Online Personal Trainer

“I was struggling with trying to brand myself and figure out the content I wanted to put out there for people in order to help them as well as knowing how to work with Instagram and its rules and how to grow.

Ortal showed me key components to the Instagram algorithm, how to structure my posts, what content to focus on and helped me grow my audience. She also helped me understand how to find my ideal client & gave very in detail steps as to how to create products to monetize!


Ria Zervos

Business Consultant

“I’ve taken other Instagram courses but none of them have helped me with personal branding and reaching the right clients as much as Ortal’s has.

I was struggling to figure out how to put myself out there on Instagram. I wanted to see what this course had to offer and how it could help me grow my Instagram and my business.

This course was the best investment I could have made in my Instagram and my business. My engagement and followers have gone through the roof and are continuously growing!”

I’m here to tell you that I made all of those things happen simply by growing my Instagram the right way

By cracking the algorithm and perfecting the method to growing an InstagramTM account, I grew my account to over 245K in less than a year (and it’s still growing)

Not only are my followers made up of targeted and engaged users that trust me and love my content, but I also have a hundreds of new email subscribers weekly that I cross promote my other social media channels to (Youtube, FacebookTM, Twitter and my blog)

But that’s not all growing my InstagramTM has let me do…

Having a large instagramTM account means

  • I quit my 9-5 and make more money than I ever imagined while spending more time with the ones I love
  • I get to travel the world FIRST CLASS and get paid to go on vacation
  • Get products from super EXPENSIVE and high end brands and get invited to exclusive VIP events (where I got more free stuff)
  • Get paid to feature products on my page and get sponsorships and collaborations

What Was My Life Like Before InstagramTM?

To be honest, it sucked. I worked a 9-5 at a prestigious firm where I was confined to my desk the whole time with a tiny window facing the parking lot.

I was told that my max salary for this position would be $60K a year but I was only making $36K and would have to work my way up.

I spent my days trying to figure out ways to make money for myself without having to be confined to a tiny office.

I desperately wanted to travel the world, spend time with my family and friends and afford nice things (like living in an apartment where I wasn’t afraid my car was going to get broken into)

I was living paycheck to paycheck, shopping at the dollar store for groceries and feeling totally miserable.

And then I discovered: instagramTM!

I knew I needed to grow my InstagramTM in order to have a constant flow of new followers and passive income coming in. But I only had a personal account where I shared pics of my family, dog and food. How was THAT supposed to get me sponsors and paid collaborations?

I spent the next month obsessively learning everything I could about InstagramTM and then tried it all on a new account that I started.


I spent even more time perfecting my method because I wanted results and I wanted them FAST! I stopped doing anything that wasn’t actively growing my account and getting me new clients and focused only on what works.

>I got my first collaboration 2 weeks after launching my account.


>I hit my first 1000 followers in a week and my first 10K followers after a month.

Not to mention all the collaboration offers I was getting!

And Now I Want To Share That Knowledge With You!

How would it feel to have…

  • Thousands of new followers every week
  • Hundreds of GENUINE and AUTHENTIC comments on each post
  • Thousands of LIKES on everything uploaded
  • An Inbox full of DMs inquiring about services and products
  • Tags and @mentions from users praising and promoting your account to their followers
  • HUNDREDS of collaborations and sponsorship deals
  • FREE products from all the best brands
  • Traffic from thousands of new users to a blog and website
  • An influx of new email subscribers daily
  • Hundreds of new Youtube subscribers every week

This is all possible with the instagramTM guru course!

InstagramTM guru is an instagram marketing course that teaches my step by step of how to:

– Define a target audience and get them to find you on InstagramTM (these are the people that connect with your content and engage with it all the time!)

​- Use all the features InstagramTM has to offer to get ideal followers AND get brands to take notice (simple steps that generate thousands of impressions and likes!)

​- Get followers every day with real, active and engaged users (no fake accounts or buying followers)

– IMMENSELY increase the amount of views, likes and comments on every post

– Increase the amount of click throughs from other social media platforms and sponsors (cross promoting is a thing!)

– Easily grow a following into a community of loyal customers and followers who trust you enough to purchase anything promoted (which means more $ from collabs and sponsors)

Join me as I teach the EXACT step-by-step method I followed to create a loyal tribe of over 250K followers that have helped me transform my life and go from broke and unhappy to thriving and living the life I’ve always wanted!

Join instagramTM guru today!

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Don’t take my word for it. Check out what others have to say:

Jess l

Real estate consultant

“Working with ortal I have gained an understanding of the “Secrets” behind attracting the right people to my account and what it truly takes to grow at a rapid pace. This knowledge I have gained has allowed me to bring the rest of my business marketing to a whole other level.

I now understand so much about instagram including the tools and strategies needed to grow. I understand it so well that I have actually been able to help build course outlines for clients in social media. I learned more than I thought I would!”


Fashion & travel blogger

“I had been trying to grow my ig following for a year and it was barely happening. When I started working with ortal, I had around 800 followers. Within the first 7 posts, I had already increased my engagement by 200% and gained over 1000 new followers.

I’m seeing a lot of engagement with my posts since ortal and I started working together and I’ve received paid collaboration offers from brands like mac, bobby brown and estee lauder.

I’ve also received free nights at 5 star hotels and amazing dining experiences thanks to the followers I gained working with ortal. My goal is to become a full time travel and fashion blogger and I’m already well ahead of where I thought I would be. Thank you ortal!”

Will the course work for me

Regardless of the niche, an audience is waiting on InstagramTM.

InstagramTM Guru has helped thousands of business owners grow their InstagramTM accounts in the following niches:

  • Blogging
  • Handmade Goods
  • Jewelry Design
  • Health and Fitness
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion and Photography
  • Social Media
  • Multi Level Marketing

And all of these accounts are SUCCESSFUL and GROWING thanks to my easy to follow growth formula!

So what’s my method? 7 simple steps

Step 1

Determine A Demographic and Discover The Perfect Follower

This module includes:

  • A 3 page workbook to determine the IDEAL audience and figure out the perfect niche
  • A guide to understanding the importance of finding a demographic and niche
  • The difference between ideal clients and ideal followers and how demographics can help an account successfully attract both


Step 2

Optimize The InstagramTM Account And Craft A Message That Attracts The RIGHT Followers

This module includes:

  • 2 interactive workbooks to help craft a brand message and attract an ideal audience
  • My three-part research method that makes finding the ideal audience and clients on Instagram quick and easy
  • My special core values system to make a page STAND OUT in a crowd

Step 3

Creating Content EASILY And Using Hashtags That Attract Followers CONSTANTLY

This module includes:

  • My 4 part Caption Components that make posts STAND OUT
  • My special 4 step Hashtag Research that is a MUST to get visibility and engagement
  • My quick and easy system to get ALL posts to show up on the trending hashtags section using an underrated Instagram feature

Step 4

How To Gain Followers and Engagement Using InstastoriesTM, InstaliveTM and IGTVTM

This module includes:

  • In depth explanations on how to use Instagram’sTM functions to gain new followers EVERY TIME YOU SHARE
  • My three-step method InstastoryTM method that gives a account the most exposure and generates new followers
  • How using InstastoryTM and Lives ALL WRONG is terrible and why it could be costing a page hundreds of followers daily

Step 5

Engaging To Grow- Getting Posts On The Explore Page and Trending

This module includes:

  • My secret strategy to get posts on the explore page and get seen by hundreds of thousands of accounts in the right niche
  • The most over-looked method that provides an account with a steady stream of followers and consistent engagement
  • How to get HUGE pages to reshare content and give a page FREE exposure

Step 6

Make Money Online

This module includes:

  • My in depth guide on monetizing an InstagramTM following
  • 4 monetization methods that any InstagramTM account should implement IMMEDIATELY
  • Detailed tutorial on how to get sponsored with a dream company + the EXACT email template I used to get sponsorships
  • The importance of cross platform promoting and moving followers off InstagramTM + how to do it easily and for free

Step 7


InstagramTM Guru Course

(Including lifetime access and updates + future additions)


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What makes this course different
than other courses on the market?

It is created and taught by someone who has experienced real success on instagram

It’s difficult to know who to trust, especially with the influx of coaches and teachers in the field. The problem is that many of these coaches and teachers haven’t experienced the success you’re looking for. How can someone teach how to reach 100K followers if they only have 12K? I believe experience should play a huge role when deciding who you want to invest in.

​I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and influencers build their Instagram accounts from the ground up with the methods I teach in the InstagramTM Guru. I built my own account to over 256K followers and its still growing. Everything I share in InstagramTM Guru is tried and true and has proven successful time and time again.

​It is not a basic or introductory course

​While InstagramTM Guru is suitable for beginners and covers the fundamentals, overall it’s much more advanced in nature. Most InstagramTM courses available on the market address very beginner topics like how to create a profile or how to upload pictures from your computer. These are all things that can be easily found online and I don’t want you to have to pay for those. The InstagramTM Guru directly addresses the root of your InstagramTM problems and shows you how you can solve them. Rather than simply providing information about InstagramTM, I show you HOW to solve these problems easily and efficiently without paying for additional apps or services.

It is much more affordable

There are plenty of InstagramTM courses available online which cost $1000 or more, and let’s be real, that’s very expensive.

I want to help as many people as possible experience the success I’ve had as well as the other InstagramTM Guru graduates have experienced, so I’ve priced InstagramTM Guru at the price of $597. This price point makes the program accessible to the largest amount of people, regardless of whether you are a college student, entrepreneur or work from home mom.

It’s made up of methods that lead to organic and long-term results

InstagramTM Guru does not teach how to pay for apps, boosts, promotions, followers or other shady growth methods. It is built up of quality methods and techniques that work no matter what industry or niche you are in. It does not matter if it’s selling a service, a blog, physical product or just personality online. InstagramTM Guru teaches the EXACT tools necessary to grow all aspects of an account in just a matter of days and continue to experience that growth for years to come.

InstagramTM Guru teaches authentic methods that are proven to attract REAL, ENGAGED, and TARGETED Instagram followers that are specific to an industry, niche, or business.



InstagramTM Guru Course

(Including lifetime access and updates + future additions)


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  • I used my Instagram to quit my 9-5 in 2017
  • I’ve built a loyal following of over 256,000 followers on InstagramTM
  • I’ve been featured in Youtube videos and podcasts that reached hundreds of thousands of people and attracted new customers!
  • I’ve been able to travel all over the world while still generating income from Instagram
  • I receive tons of free products from brands every month & get countless collaboration offers monthly
  • I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs & influencers 10x followers, engagement, & email subscribers via InstagramTM!

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