Bekah Komar

“Guys, The Instagram Guru is FRIGGIN AMAZING and it’s helped me so much in my business!

Instagram Guru helped me grow my social media. I got stuck at a pleateu of 800 followers and ever since taking the course I just crossed the 1000 mark!

It’s helped me learn how to utilize everything Instagram has to offer and the course platform is super easy to use and follow.

I highly recommend for anyone trying to grow to take the Instagram Guru course. It is so so worth the money and the investment!”

Renae Olivia

” I started my Instagram account and I was having a really hard time. I was struggling, barely getting any likes and no engagement at all.

I started with 700 followers and they weren’t organic followers. I was doing engagement groups and follow unfollow. It just wasn’t working. Fast forward to now and I’m already at 2000 followers and I get A TON OF ENGAGEMENT. Before I was getting 30 likes and 1-2 comments and now I’m getting over 250 likes per post and over 100 comments ON EACH POST.

My account continues to grow! That’s amazing and I am so excited about! “

Petia Kolibova

“Before I worked with Ortal, I was being desperate with my Instagram. I had some experience but I felt like I wasn’t attracting the right kind of people. My engagement was really low.
After I finished working with Ortal, I was able to grow all my impressions and I started to attract the PERFECT people to my Instagram.

If you are on the fence, DON’T WAIT any longer and truly invest in yourself and in your business and work with Ortal because I guarantee it will make your life easier and more in flow! “


“Ortal covers everything you need to know about Instagram in her course!!

Ortal created a whole hashtag strategy which COMPLETELY CHANGED MY ENTIRE STRATEGY. Before I implemented the strategy, I used to get 2000 impressions top for my posts. After implementing the strategy, I am getting 5000 and some posts even got 10,000 impressions! MIND BLOWING! I got so much exposure from this and it really changed my Instagram!”


“I just couldn’t get enough of the course! I found it so useful even for someone that has been building an Instagram following for several years now!
Ortal gives you tips on anything you can think of to really up your game and build yourself a engaged and targeted following on Instagram. You also have lifetime access and I’ve been back several times since I finished the course to give myself a refresher.

It is WELL WORTH the money and I definitely suggest getting it!”

Suzi Keegan

“I struggled to grow my audience and my account and that is why I purchased the Instagram Guru Course. Within days of applying the material in the Instagram Guru course, I noticed that I was getting more likes, more comments and more followers. it wasn’t just any followers… it was followers THAT ENGAGED WITH MY CONTENT and interested in what I had to share.

I recommend you get the course. It is a great investment and it’s worth every penny!”

Catie Lynch

“I wanted to get some help with launching a bigger Instagram brand to connect with more people. I knew Ortal would be someone that could help me do that.

It became a really great relationship- she connected with me and understood what I wanted and needed from her. My followers grew, my insights grew, my engagement grew, and my confidence in myself grew!

The mentorship was one of the BEST THINGS I’VE EVER DONE!”


“I’ve had so many of my target customers reach out to me saying that they found me on Instagram! Please do yourself a favor and work with Ortal! She is amazing. She genuinely cared from the very beginning. She truly cared about learning our story, my story, and finding ways to tailor her advice to my specific needs. I needed that – someone to tell me what to do and give me the roadmap to the emerald city! She is magical!”


“ I didn’t know the right direction to take my social media. Ortal really was the best person for the job! Ortal really helped me grow my social media presence and gave me the confidence to go out and do that.  If there was something I was stuck on, I would just send her a message and she would get back to me straight away!

It feels amazing! I literally know what I’m doing on my social media and Ortal has given me the structure to do it and the tools to be able to do it. I loved chatting with Ortal and she is really there to help, listen and get what I wanted to do. I would 100% recommend everyone chooses working with Ortal!”


“Ortal is really knowledgable! She is also really great at helping you figure out what you should and shouldn’t do. She is by your side the whole time! She makes sure that you feel that you are getting the value out of your 1-1 relationship with her!

She is very honest and transparent and doesn’t hold anything back! “


“As soon as I got on a call with Ortal, I knew we were meant to work together. I saw her and her Instagram account @workout_unicorn as a reflection of where I wanted my account to be. I loved that she is so knowledgeable on anything and everything related to Instagram topics. That’s the platform I was using to find my clients so to have an expert come in helped me so much. Working with Ortal has helped me realize that my captions were good but they weren’t getting me clients or attracting the attention I wanted. After a couple of sessions with Ortal and really getting my message and captions down, my inquiries for coaching clients sky rocketed. I hired Ortal because I knew that she would be able to take my business to the next level.

Ortal has really helped me get clear on my message. I started off as a weight-loss coach and through our time together I transitioned into a self-love coach. She made the process so easy for me. She created a safe place and guided me through my transition. The fact that she had also gone through a similar experience helped me so much. She also helped me understand how to convert followers into clients and how to write intentional captions. She’s helped me with so many things that its difficult to just chose one lol.

I feel that working with Ortal has brought me even closer to understanding myself as a person and as a coach. Prior to this I was a little scattered when it came to the type of coach that I wanted to be. I know that as time goes by, this will continue to evolve but just in our time of working together I took huge leaps forward. Our conversations allowed me to have a crystal clear vision with the direction I was headed in. It helped me realize that at the end of the day, no matter what I call myself, my goal is to empower women and guide them on their journey of self love and self discovery.

After working with Ortal and growing my business I have one word that keeps coming up: RELIEF! It feels so good to truly understand how to do things in your business and in your social media. Its easy to feel alone and like nobody gets us, but when we have a coach or someone that’s been there already, it makes a world of a difference. I also truly felt like we are soul sisters. Ortal totally understood everything that I was going through. And the best part was that she was so patient with me through it all. Forever grateful.

I’ve always believed that price shouldn’t be an issue if you find value in what is being given or received so paying Ortal what she charged wasn’t a problem for me. The only thing that I felt hesitant about was timing because it was 10 weeks of intensive work. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to invest in a coach back then. Through our experience, I learned that the time is NOW. Just do it.

I would definitely recommend Ortal and her 1-1 coaching to others. There is so much power and value to understanding yourself and your business. I had so many break throughs and “aha” moments during our calls. It allowed me to do so much self reflecting, which enabled me to show up even stronger in my business.

I truly appreciate you and what you do, Ortal. You are an amazing person and coach. Anyone who works with you will soon find out how amazing you are.”


“I absolutely loved the way Ortal’s Instagram account looked and the message that it conveyed. I wanted my own page to resemble that because it was very colorful and bright but I immediately knew what it was about and felt like I knew Ortal personally. Before we started working together I didn’t know how to get more followers to my account. As a fashion and travel blogger I wanted to grow and gain collaborations, get more followers and get more exposure for my account.

Ortal really helped me understand how to grow my Instagram the right way, how to approach brands the right way and how to attract the right kind of followers to my page. I always thought that more followers meant more deals but Ortal showed me how to monetize my Instagram page with less than 1000 followers at the time. She also helped me design my page and edit my photos in a way that would get brands to contact me and want to work with me. I now get paid collaborations with brands like Estee Lauder and B. Brown along with FREE stays at hotels. My boyfriend and I recently traveled Europe and didn’t pay for any food or boarding at our 5 star hotels thanks to everything Ortal has taught me. Working with and learning from Ortal has been truly life transforming.

I feel grateful and relived that I have all the skills I need to keep growing my Instagram page and monetizing it after working with Ortal. It’s difficult to admit that you don’t have all the tools sometimes and it can be hard to figure it out all by yourself. Learning from someone that teaches you everything you need to know was the best investment I’ve ever made. It was an intensive process but it has truly transformed my account and my life. My account has gone from around 1000 followers to almost 8000 in less than 4 weeks. My likes and comments have been through the roof.

The best part about working with Ortal was that it didn’t feel like work. It felt like we were two friends chatting and meeting every week. I also enjoyed having the ability to text and get answers to my questions 24\7 without having to wait for our next weekly call. I also enjoyed that Ortal really knows everything there is to know about social media. She had an answer for everything and a solution to every problem that I had.

I was hesitant mainly working with Ortal because of the price. It was a large sum of money and I was unsure whether I would gain the knowledge that was promised and whether it was even worth it. Her account was also in a different niche than mine and I wasn’t sure if she could help me grow in my field because it wasn’t the field she was in.

I would 100% recommend Ortal and her services to anybody that wants to grow their social media account. She guides you through the process and is always there to support and help and guide and encourage. She allowed me to trust the process because I had someone there to guide me and someone that has already done it and knows how to do it. “


“I wanted to work with Ortal because I truly felt like I didn’t understand the “rules” behind Instagram. I knew that people knew things I didn’t and I wanted to learn from someone who obviously did. Ortal’s profile and followers showed me that the social proof was there and she knew what she was doing. I wanted to reach my clients and I wanted to at least understand why and how accounts grow.

I now understand so much about Instagram including the tools and strategies needed to grow. I understand it so well that I have actually been able to help build course outlines for clients in social media. I learned more than I thought I would!

Working with Ortal I have gained a friend, an understanding of the “secrets” behind attracting the right people to my account and what it truly takes to grow at a rapid pace. This knowledge I have gained has allowed me to bring the rest of my business marketing to a whole other level. I now see the big picture and before there was a hole in my understanding.

I enjoyed the weekly calls with Ortal. I looked forward to her energy and the laughs we had while learning from her.

I honestly didn’t hesitate when it came to working with Ortal about anything and have recommended her services to quite a few people already!

I think she is awesome and I’m grateful for what she has shared with me!”


“I initially wanted to work with Ortal because I felt that the way she handled everything on her Instagram @workout_unicorn was very professional, but she were also very genuine along with it. I was struggling with trying to brand myself and figure out the content I wanted to put out there for people in order to help them as well as knowing how to work with Instagram and its rules and how to grow. I chose to hire Ortal because I felt we connected on a much different level that wasn’t just a coach trying to acquire a client, it was more than that.

Ortal showed me key components to the Instagram algorithm, as well as how to structure my posts and what content to focus on that felt genuine to me personally and helped me grow my audience. She also helped me understand how to find my ideal client & gave very in detail steps as to how to create products to monetize, and the tools to use to create websites, email lists, and overall structure all that I want to do.

Working with Ortal has impacted my business positively because I’ve been able to grow at a rate a lot faster than I would have without proper help, as well as introduced me to a lot of people within this community, and working together has impacted me as an individual because I don’t feel lost in regards to how to create content, how to grow a following, and how to create products to monetize appropriately. It has shown me that I’m capable of achieving what I truly want.

It feels amazing to know that I have all the tools now! It has opened my eyes to the possibilities in front of me and given me much more clarity on what I want for myself and my content. One of the main reasons I loved working with Ortal is the fact that I never felt pressured in any way, and was encouraged to always be super authentic with everything that I was doing. I also loved that she was always there to answer any questions even outside of our weekly calls, and even during our calls no matter what the conversations agenda was, all of my concerns were prioritized to be addressed.

I was hesitant to work with Ortal because I had never worked with a coach in regards to business or social media so I didn’t know what to expect. I also was nervous that I may not get good quality information, and also I was hesitant about the pricing because it was slightly higher than I was expecting to pay for a coach.

I would definitely recommend Ortal’s coaching services to others! I feel a lot of people would benefit from the knowledge she has on social media as a whole and particularly Instagram as well as business growth and can apply it to any type of niche or market.”


“Let me start by saying it has been the best decision I’ve made this year to work with Ortal. I’ve taken other Instagram courses but none of them have helped me with personal branding and reaching the right clients as much as Ortal has.

I was struggling to figure out how to come out of my shell and put myself out there on Instagram or even just on social media in general. After reviewing Ortal’s account multiple times there was just a gut feeling that I need to at least see what she had to offer and how she could help me grow my Instagram and my business. So I scheduled my call and just after talking to her for a few minutes I knew she would keep me on point and help me over come my fears and get me to where I needed to be in the Instagram game.

My only hesitation for working with Ortal was the cost as it was a lot for me at the time but I had 100% faith it was going to be worth it and it was! It was the best investment I could have made in my Instagram and my business.

I scheduled my calls on a weekly basis and each week I looked forward to our calls and when we didn’t talk I truly missed her just talking with her and learning from her. I love her brutal honesty, which really wasn’t that brutal it was just honest! She always held me accountable and made sure I implemented all the steps to keep my account growing.

I would recommend Ortal to everyone and I already have. Just truly a blessing to have stumbled across her Instagram page and to get to work with her!”